Why Not Now? with Alan Watts

Why Not Now! is a documentary film on the life and works of Alan Watts, and follows his life-journey and philosophy as it emerged and was embraced by the Beats and counter culture generation of the sixties and early seventies. Why Not Now! has been screened before a dozen audiences and met with enthusiasm and gratitude, with one viewer commenting that it was "a time machine that takes you back to the real heart of the real counter culture revolution!"

This documentary was conceived as a shared storytelling in which the narrative would support Alan's telling of his own story, however it quickly became apparent that much of the story could be told in his words, particularly when juxtaposed with the wealth of original media that had been uncovered, including classic interviews, vintage film, art, and photos. The filmmaking process took two years including initial video restoration, and once the archival segments came together we added contemporary footage of Japan and Big Sur, music by Garth Brooks and Van Morrison, animation by Simpson's animator Eddie Rosas (of Alan as a young man), and the Japanese-style woodcut prints by Tom Killion, brought to life by special effects artist Bruce Walters. The result is a refreshing and engaging look at Alan Watts in the language and media of his time, directed by his son, Mark Watts. Each film comes with a bonus DVD disc as entitled "The Animated Alan Watts", featuring vintage animations from The Fine Art of Goofing Off, SouthPark, and other talented artists. ??


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Alan Watts Retro-Video Series

This remarkable series of ten half-hour programs by Alan Watts was recorded in 1960 and 1972, and is now available as a six DVD set. The set includes four vintage color programs with Alan taped by his son Mark aboard the SS Vallejo in Sausalito, California in the spring of 1972, and six early black-and white television programs taped at the KQED studios in 1960. These timeless talks were recorded for national and international television, and reveal Alan Watts as a masterful philosophical entertainer, as insightful and engaging on camera as he was before a live audience or at his typewriter. This limited-time offering may be ordered as a DVD set or in conjunction with the Alan Watts Audio Collection on MP3 discs for complete immersion into these rewarding talks (see details below).

Work as Play
Judo and Fencing
Zen In Gardens and Architecture
Buddha and Buddhism
Tao in China
Zen in Painting
Life of Zen

Video and Audio Collections

"Just what should a young man or young woman know to be 'in the know'? Is there, in other words, some inside information, some special taboo, some real lowdown on life and existence that parents and teachers either don't know or won't tell?"
Alan Watts from The Book on the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are.

For the Alan Watts Out of the Trap App we've combed through dozens of Alan Watts lectures to select what we feel are some of his most discussed and most inspiring ideas.
The app is now available on iTunes for iPod and iPod Touch, and features a curated selection of insightful audio extracts, 50 beautifully illustrated flip cards, vintage animations, and an element of surprise.
Mind expansion is just a click away, no psychedelics necessary!

To purchase the app please use the following link:


Out of the Trap with Alan Watts

The Out of the Trap series features over twenty hours from the source talks for the Alan Watts App above. These talks were selected from in-depth seminars and public lectures, including a rare talk on education and the experimental recording OM, a sonic experience of mediation and sacred Hindu texts on human identity. These live sessions were recorded in the sixties at Esalen in Big Sur, San Francisco, and Los Angeles before enthusiastic audiences at the height of the counter culture movement, and offer powerful insights that have fully come of age.

Do You Do It, or Does It Do You? 1- 4
Birth, Death and The Unborn 1- 2
Cosmic Network 1- 4
Ecological Awareness 1- 4
Education for Non-Entity
Future of Communications 1- 4
Problems in Meditation 1- 3
Pursuit of Pleasure 1 - 4
Nothingness & Ego
OM, the Sound of Hinduism

To download the series, and receive the full collection on disc, please use the link below.

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Alan Watts Re-Animated!

Every order for Why Not Now? will now include an animated reel featuring vintage and contemporary animations of the spoken words of Alan Watts. This 23 minute DVD includes extracts from the groundbreaking 1972 series "The Fine Art of Goofing Off" as well as a couple of animations produced by the SouthPark creators and animators. The reel has been met with joyous laughter and standing ovations at recent film showings, and is not to be missed!

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