Alan Watts

Audio Recordings

The works contained within the ownership of the Electronic University digitized and maintained by the Alan Watts Organization were created by Alan and recorded by Alan, Mark Watts, American sound artist and humorist, Henry “Sandy” Jacobs, and several various radio and television companies between the years 1953 and 1973. Many of the titles of the recorded talks and films were taken directly from Alan’s notes, some have been taken from the context of the talk itself, and the collections and groupings have been digitized and maintained over the past few decades by Mark Watts.

Alan Watts recordings have been released in many forms through the years. Listed below is audio as it is offered today and we are working on building an archival list for reference. Click on the images to be directed to corresponding Alan Watts Store page where you can read synopses, hear audio samples, and purchase downloads.

Alan Watts Audio Collections

Comprised of over 200 lecture and seminar recordings of Alan Watts, the entire published body of audio works is known as The Works. Curated by Alan’s son, Mark Watts, this compilation features the three collections containing a total of 19 albums.

  • Essential Lectures Collection
  • Eastern Wisdom Collection
  • Extended Seminars Collection

The Essential Lectures Collection features five albums on Alan Watts’ core philosophies.

  • Tao of Philosophy
  • Philosophies of Asia
  • Myth & Religion
  • Philosophy & Society
  • Comparative Philosophy

The Eastern Wisdom Collection features five albums on Far Eastern ways of liberation.

  • Ways of Liberation
  • Religion of No Religion
  • Eastern & Western Zen
  • Taoism
  • Zen & Meditation

The Extended Seminars Collection features key selections from radio shows and seminars arranged into nine albums.

  • Comparative Religion
  • Buddhism
  • Early Radio Talks
  • Human Consciousness
  • Spiritual Alchemy
  • The Arts
  • The Future
  • The Self
  • The Universe

Alan Watts Audio Albums

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Talks included in Buddhism :
  • Net of Jewels
  • Problems in Meditation
  • Thusness
  • World as Consciousness
  • Zen Reconsidered
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Talks included in Comparative Philosophy :
  • Mind Over Mind
  • Philosophy of Nature
  • The Cosmic Drama
  • Spectrum of Love
  • Love of Waters
  • Game of Yes and No
  • The Smell of Burnt Almonds
  • Spiritual Alchemy
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Talks included in Comparative Religion :
  • Four Ways to the Center
  • Worldly Religions
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Talks included in Early Radio Talks :

– Aldous Huxley
– Art of Psychoanalysis
– Bang or Whimper
– Bhagavad Gita
– Buddhist Mysticism
– Constitution of Nature
– Daylight Savings
– Fundamentals of Buddhism
– G.K. Chesterton
– Gateless Gate
– Ghosts
– Humor in Religion
– Laws of Karma
– Man is a Hoax
– Parallel Thinking
– Play & Sincerity
– Problems of Preaching
– Reconciliation of Opposites
– Return to the Forest
– Seeing Through the Game
– Study of Asia
– Symbolic and the Real
– Tribute to Carl Jung
– Un-Preachable Religion

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Talks included in Eastern & Western Zen :
  • Introduction to Zen
  • Early Chinese Zen
  • Uncarved Block
  • Zen Bones
  • Biting an Iron Bull
  • World as Just So
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Talks included in Human Consciousness :

– Ecological Awareness
– Education for Non-Entity
– Nature of Consciousness
– Transformation of Consciousness

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Talks included in Myth & Religion :

– Images of God
– Jesus: His Religion
– Spiritual Authority
– Democracy in Heaven
– Image of Man
– Religion and Sexuality

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Talks included in Philosophy of Asia :

– Relevance of Oriental Philosophy
– Mythology of Hinduism
– Introduction to Buddhism
– Eco-Zen
– Taoist Way
– Intellectual Yoga

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Talks included in Philosophy & Society :

– Veil of Thoughts
– Divine Madness
– We as Organism
– On Being God
– On Being God Q&A
– Mysticism and Morality
– What is Reality

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Talks included in Spiritual Alchemy :

– The Psychedelic Experience

– The Psychedelic Explosion

– Turning the Head or Turning On

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Talks included in Religion of No Religion :

– The Journey to India
– The Middle Way
– Buddhism as Dialogue
– Religion of No Religion
– Wisdom of the Mountains
– Diamond Web
– Transcending Duality

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Talks included in Tao of Philosophy :

– Not What Should Be
– Sense of Nonsense
– Coincidence of Opposites
– Seeing Through the Net
– Myth of Myself
– Man and Nature
– Limits of Language

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Talks included in Taoism :

– Swimming Headless
– Wisdom of the Ridiculous
– Philosophy of the Tao
– Way Beyond Seeking
– Landscape, Soundscape

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Talks included in The Arts :

– Bushido
– The Importance of Space
– The Way of Tea

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Talks included in The Future :

– The Future of Communications
– The Future of Politics
– The Future of Religion
– Time and the Future

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Talks included in The Self :

– Birth, Death and the Unborn
– Play and Survival
– Pursuit of Pleasure
– World as Play
– World as Self

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Talks included in The Universe :

– Individual and the World
– Power of Space

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Talks included in Ways of Liberation :

– Introduction to Oriental Philosophy
– On Buddhism
– On Taoism
– Way of Liberation
– Intro to Hinduism
– On Hinduism
– On Yoga

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Talks included in Zen & Meditation :

– The Democratization of Buddhism
– Zen and the Controlled Accident
– Meditation
– Zenrin Poems
– Art of Meditation
– Why Not Now
– Introduction to a Contemplative Ritual
– A Contemplative Ritual