Writings About
Alan Watts

Numerous scholars have written about the works of Alan Watts in academic journals, books, and dissertations.

Academic Books (About Watts)

1978 — The Pantheism of Alan Watts, by David K. Clark.

1986 — Into Every Life a Little Zen Must Fall: A Christian Philosopher Looks to Alan Watts and the East, by Alan Keightley.

1988 — Everywhere and Nowhere: The Path of Alan Watts, by Michael C. Brannigan.

2012 — Alan Watts—Here and Now: Contributions to Psychology, Philosophy, and Religion, edited by Peter. J. Columbus and Donadrian L Rice.

– Introduction: A New Look at Alan Watts, by Peter J. Columbus and Donadrian L. Rice, pp. 1-24.

– Chapter 1 — Alan Watts’ Anticipation of Four Major Debates in the Psychology of Religion, by Ralph W. Hood Jr., pp. 25-41.

– Chapter 2 — Alan Watts: The Immediate Magic of God, by Alan Keightley, pp. 43-57.

– Chapter 3 — Phenomenological Exegeses of Alan Watts: Transcendental and Hermeneutic Strategies, by Peter J. Columbus, pp. 59-82.

– Chapter 4 —The Psychedelic Adventures of Alan Watts, by Stanley Krippner, pp. 83-102.

– Chapter 5 — From the Joyous Cosmology to the Watercourse Way: An Appreciation of Alan Watts, by Ralph Metzner, pp. 103-121.

– Chapter 6 — Alan Watts and the Neuroscience of Transcendence, by Donadrian L. Rice, pp. 123-148.

– Chapter 7 — Listening to the Rain: Embodied Awareness in Watts, by Michael C. Brannigan, pp. 149-161.

– Chapter 8 — Alan Watts on Nature, Gender, and Sexuality: A Contemporary View, by Miriam L. Levering, pp. 163-182.

– Chapter 9 — Contributions and Conundrums in the Psychospiritual Transformation of Alan Watts, by Alan Pope, pp. 183-202.

– Chapter 10 — Buddhist Wisdom in the West: A Fifty-Year Perspective on the Contributions of Alan Watts, by Kaisa Puhakka, pp. 203-217.

– Chapter 11 — Watercourse Way: Still Flowing with Alan Watts, by Chungliang Al Huang, pp. 218-232

Academic Journal Articles (About Watts)

Solomon, L. N. E. (1962). A Symposium on Human Values. Journal of Humanistic Psychology 2(2): pp. 89-111.

Gorham, D. R. (1963). The New World of Superconsciousness—A Book Review of The Joyous Cosmology: Adventures in the Chemistry of Consciousness by Alan W. Watts, Timothy Leary, and Richard Alpert (1962). Contemporary Psychology, 8(1): 22-23.

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Theses & Dissertations (About Watts)

Vestal, D. G. (1974). A Comparative Study of Representative Emphases in the Thought of Alan Watts and Francis Schaeffer. (Theological doctoral dissertation). (0297062)

Brannigan, M. C. (1977). From Illusion to Insight. The Evolution from Ego-Consciousness to Self-Consciousness in the Philosophy of Alan W. Watts. (Doctoral dissertation).

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Masi, W. (2015). The Gospel, Reinvented: A New Addition to the Jesus of Alan Watts. University of Southern Maine. (Undergraduate thesis)