Celebrating the Life & Works of Alan Watts

Celebrating the Life & Works

of Alan Watts

No valid plans for the future can be made by those who have no capacity for living now.”

— Alan Watts

What is the Alan Watts Organization?

The Alan Watts Organization is an umbrella organization to the Electronic University, which Alan and his son Mark Watts co-created shortly before Alan’s death in 1973 to serve as a compendium for Watts’ publications, and the newly founded Alan Watts Project (to be launched in fall of 2017). Alanwatts.org maintains a collection of titles and information from and about Alan’s written, filmed, and audio recorded work. It is also an online repository that contains public synopses, themes, keyword lists, search functionality, samples, and previews of his film and audio recordings. The Alan Watts Organization is last, but certainly not least, a platform that produces, maintains, licenses, and provides digital archive reproductions of Alan Watts’ recorded works.

The works contained within the ownership of the Electronic University digitized and maintained by the Alan Watts Organization were created by Alan and recorded by Alan, Mark Watts, American sound artist and humorist, Henry “Sandy” Jacobs, and several various radio and television companies between the years 1953 and 1973. Many of the titles of the recorded talks and films were taken directly from Alan’s notes, some have been taken from the context of the talk itself, and the collections and groupings have been digitized and maintained over the past few decades by Mark Watts.

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